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Bérard Auditory Integration Training


Auditory Integration Training was developed in France by otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist) Dr. Guy Bérard.   Aware in his professional capacity that the ear is much more than simply an organ of hearing, Dr.Bérard directed his attention and research to addressing the many problems associated with poor ear functioning. In addition to the more obvious cases of hyper- sensitivity where sounds may be painful, and hypo-sensitivity where sounds are not heard or not heard distinctly, Dr. Bérard also looked at distortions caused by the two ears not processing in tandem, and at the negative outcomes of the balance system of the inner ear being compromised.

Many children, and indeed adults, have auditory processing problems, very often undiagnosed. Though not the sole cause, these processing challenges may be implicated in dyslexia and other reading difficulties, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, lack of eye-hand co-ordination, clumsiness, balance issues, and being labelled on the autism or Asperger’s continua.

Dr. Bérard ‘s genius lay in creating a listening programme wherein the sounds are modulated to ensure the ear is constantly presented with novel information, thus retraining not only the auditory processing system but the balance mechanisms of the inner ear as well. This retraining, which is achieved in two half hour sessions daily over a ten day period, has had remarkable results for all of the aforementioned conditions. As well, better sleep, less anxiety, a cessation of bed-wetting, less irritability, improved socialisation, and more focussed academic performance are some of the welcome side-effects which have been reported. More information can be obtained by visiting the official Berard AIT site which can be found on or “links” page.